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baa002 [sheppardz champion sound II]


baa001 [sheppardz champion sound compilation]


rel036v [kagkelaki video]

rel036 [kagkelaki/kagkelaki version]

rel035 [9mm/live in harmony]

rel034v [all honey milk video]

rel034 [all honey milk/thine green eyes]

rel033 [aleph/blaze up the chalwa]

rel032 [funk it/lol-ectro]

rel031 [hypnotize/headhunters]

rel030 [shittycore/bowcore]

rel029 [wildflower/unstable weather]

rel028 [electronic music ep]

rel027 [letters, i send thee!/u mi luv mi, a u mi nah?]

rel026 [outta my window/registered letter]

rel025 [wish i were your basil]

rel024 [truundrgrndsprstr]

rel023 [let's go for test/dead man]

rel022 [the bugz remixes vol. 1]

rel021 [utolsoe vasarnap/motherland]

rel020 [sheppardz champion sound ep]

rel019 [deliver me]

rel018 [for me/for me remix (split)]

rel017x [surrender already!]

rel016 [universe/stained glass lantern]

rel015 [zingu ala!/1188x mixes (split)]

rel014 [oneironaut/zechrazant]

rel013 [gidia/the story of cornelia]

rel012 [oh my! remixes]

rel011 [who kill dem youts/the good lord]

rel010 [chiculata]

rel010r [dub-o-lata]

rel009 [6 mixes for trash ep]

rel008 [you're still nini/you're still dub]

rel007 [another 2 funky pop remixes]

rel006 [phazed phunk]

rel005 [2 funky pop remixes]

rel004 [the tings i do/the tings i do remix]

rel003 [the tings i do]

rel002 [in search for salvation i & ii]

rel001 [invitation to dinner/mother would like to hear from you]


mix1 [jungle iz 'ere 2 stay vol. I]

mix2 [jungle iz 'ere 2 stay vol. II]

live [at]yuria (vinyl microstore)

STFU festival set (bios basement)



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